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Care & Interest Ministry is committed to the continued care, nurturing and support of the church family. This is accomplished through our service at the Welcome Center on Sabbaths, as we serve in collaboration with Greeters and Ushers to create a warm atmosphere of love and hospitality. 


Additionally, some of ways we can stay connected are through celebrating with one another about birthdays, anniversaries of significant milestones, engagements & weddings and of course family additions, such as the birth of a new baby! We also want to be a source of support and prayer during the trying moments of life, such as loss of a loved one, health challenges or desiring a visit. Please share your request through email at


If there is someone you haven’t seen in a while, please send their name and any contact information you may have to


Please contact, Melodie Felder, Care & Interest Ministry Leader, if you would like to join the team either serving at the Welcome Center or on the Member Care Team.  

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