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Money After Death... Whose problem is it?
October 27, 2019
2:30PM - 4:30PM
14201 Old Stage Road
Bowie, MD 20720

Registration Open September 9 - October 4, 2019
Limited Seats! Register Now!
Free Event

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We will discuss...

       Titling of Assets

  • Bank Accounts, eg Joint Bank Accounts

  • Real Estate - Joint, Tenancy by Entireties v. Tenants in Common

    Advance Directives

  • Medical Power of Attorney

  • Living Will

       Financial Power of Attorney

  • When does it become effective?

  • When does it terminate?

  • Pros and Cons


         Facts About Wills

  • What is a Will?

  • Requirements For a Valid Will

  • Why Should You Make a Will?

  • Safekeeping of Your Will

  • Can a Will be Changed

  • When Should a Will be Changed?

  • The Validity of a Will Executed in Another State

  • Wills are Only Effective when Administering Probate Assets

  • What if There is No All? Distribution

     Necessity for a Trust

  • Tax

  • Privacy

  • Control

  • Protection of Beneficiary


  • Definition of Probate

  • Small Estates

  • Large Estate

  • Effect of Second Marriages and Inheritance

  • Funeral Expenses

  • When to pay deceased debts

  • What is  Personal Representative/Executor

  • Duties of a Personal Representative

  • Triggers for Death Taxes - MD Inheritance Tax, MD & Federal Estate Tax

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