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The New Testament identifies the office of deacon with the Greek word diakonos, from which the English “deacon” is derived. The Greek word is variously interpreted as “servant, minister, writer, attendant” and in Christian circles has acquired the specialized meaning now attached to “deacon.” 


Today appointment of deacons through election brings similar blessings in church administration by relieving pastors, elders, and other officers of duties that deacons may perform well.  In our church deacons assist with the church's physical properties, finances, and member needs.  Some of their duties include:


  • Upkeep of church property 

  • Security

  • Visitation 

  • Assisting with the baptismal ceremony 

  • Assisting with the communion service 

  • Caring for the church congregation


  The Deacons Ministry at RPC is led by Jeremiah Loveday and his Assistant Leads are LaJuan Wideman, Trevor Fraser and Courtney Fullwood.  


Our Mission:  Our mission as deacons is to develop ourselves and others spiritual ability for 

More useful service. 

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