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Restoration Praise Center is God's FAMILY made up of diverse family units. At RPC we aim to serve and enrich the lives of all our family members, whether single men and women, single parents, married couples, traditional and blended families.  Each family unit is unique and so are their needs.  It is therefore the goal of Family Life Ministries to empower families providing intentional and relevant resources in the form of interactive and relevant programs, mentorship, retreats, financial education, and spiritual & healthy lifestyle support.

Family Life as a ministry supports five (5) specific ministries.


These ministries are:




The various ministries within Family Life serve several purposes but have one mission and that is to equip, empower, and provide valuable resources to every family unit to evangelize and to experience life as God intends.


Your Family life leaders are Al and Landi James. They have been married for 14 years and have 3 daughters: Ylana, Alexa, and Leia James.  As active, involved members of Restoration Praise Center serving in various capacities, Al and Landi are passionate about families not only experiencing life but living life to the fullest in Jesus Christ. They endeavor by God's grace to enrich the lives of the families at RPC and the surrounding community to live the most empowered and fulfilling lives possible.


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Family Life is partnering with ReConnect this month for another Ask the Informer session. Submit your anonymous questions to the RPC Family Life email address below: 

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