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Hospitality Ministry


Ministry Leadership:

Mytonia Newman – Co-Leader

Hashina Seneque – Co-Leader

Karen Irvin – Co-Leader



Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels” (Heb. 13:2)


Hospitality has always been at the core of the Restoration Praise Center, even from it's inception. Today, we offer that same warmth through our healthy yet palatable meals. We strive to offer the best of our Master’s hand, whether it be plant based or otherwise, we want to be good stewards of the human body. 


Our duties and responsibilities include: Creating and serving monthly fellowship dinners / potlucks; Catering meals for special dinners or events (weddings, birthdays or funerals); Custodianship over the kitchen and its items.  If you are in need of our catering services, kindly, contact, Mytonia Newman @ 240-461-2623 for assistance. 



 If you are a ministry leader, see below for guidance on requesting the kitchen:


All that require the use of the kitchen must reserve the kitchen through CCB a month ahead of the time needed.   Your request will be reviewed by the facilities manager thereby notifying a hospitality representative of your request.  Once you have approval, a hospitality representative will be assigned to guide you on the use of the equipment and utensils. Food safety tips will be given at this time as well.  A Clean Up Checklist must be completed by the you, the ministry lead at the end of use of the kitchen.  You or your ministry should strive to complete the tasks of the Clean Up Checklist as it will go more favorably for you upon your next request. Otherwise, expect a call from hospitality to make the necessary adjustments.  Please note, that the hospitality representative may make the recommendation to the Leadership Team that you or your ministry will be denied use of the kitchen if it’s not cleaned adequately


Serving the Master in this capacity is a joy! But the work will be lighter with more hands. If you are caring, nurturing, and good with food prep, come and join us!  Contact us by seeing the leaders or by emailing us at

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