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The Music Ministry Department exists to ensure that church worship is accompanied by creative, dynamic, and powerful expressions of praise towards our God. The ministry coordinates the musical components of weekly worship as well as any other church events that require music. Volunteers who demonstrate talent with the gift of singing or musical instruments are welcome to serve in this ministry.


The Minister of Music serves as a music committee chairperson and is also responsible for scheduling musicians for the worship service. Other duties include getting music information in the church bulletin and service on the worship committee. This year, the Music Ministry Department will continue to serve the church through the development of the Praise & Worship Team, Church Choirs, Men’s Ensemble, and the coordination of all musical expressions of worship to God. Those wanting to serve in the Music Ministry Department should do so categorically to age.


The ministry offers a Children's Choir for young singers, as well as an adult choir. In addition, volunteers who are willing to share their musical gifts in the form of Special Music are always being sought. The Minister of Music should be contacted for such opportunities. By harnessing the diverse musical abilities of the Restoration Praise Center into one powerful expression of praise, the Music Ministry Department leads the congregation into adoration of our Lord.


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