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Women's Ministries




Dee and Debra are passionate about supporting the women ofRestoration Praise Center. They are continuing the journey that has been established by former Women Ministry Leaders who have developed and executed an established women's department. The Leaders are supported by a dynamic group of women who have joined together to form the Council. The Council is committed to coming together to ensure topics and service is executed based on the demographics, interests and needs of our women. As a group, the Council works cohesively to meet the needs of our women.




The mission of the Women’s Ministry Department at the RestorationPraise Center is to serve, encourage, edify and establish relationships with women to lead them to a meaningful relationship to Jesus the Christ.



“Building and Fostering Relationships”


The women of RPC will focus on building and fostering relationships in the following areas:


  1. With God
  2. With Families
  3. With Friends
  4. Church Sisters
  5. With Community
  6. With Charitable Organizations, and
  7. Regionally


Components of Women's Ministries:


  • House of Divine Guidance, Inc (Supporting Women and children who recently became homeless)
  • Monthly Gatherings (held on 3rd Saturday of each month)
  • Prayer Breakfast
  • Women's Book Club
  • Women's Retreat
  • Washington Metro Area Women's Ministries:
 If you have any ideas or wish to be part of the council, please contact Dee & Debra at
Your Sisters,
Dee & Debra


If you have any ideas or wish to be part of the council, please contact Dee & Debra at


Your Sisters,

Dee & Debra

Join the Muffin Ministry


The Muffin Ministry is comprised of a group of women in the congregation who have the gift of baking. These women rotate on Sabbaths in which they bring bread or muffins to pass out to our first time visitors. Our Leader and CEO of the Muffin Ministry is DaVina Alston. She has a passion for baking and a strong desire to minister to others using this gift.


We have found that taking time to prepare bread is an investment. Once we share bread with our visitors, it shows that we are investing in them with the hopes that they see the love of Christ based on our appreciation for them coming to the Restoration Praise Center.


If you find that you have the gift of baking bread or muffins from scratch, and you want to use it to God's glory, please contact DaVina at church or contact us at Let us know that you have a gift to share.


"I am the living bread which came down from heaven; if any man eat of this bread, he shall live forever; and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world" John 6:51 (KJV)

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