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A Deaconess is female deacon specially designated to serve as a spiritual leader with a nurturing touch.  We are servants who focus on serving our church family by:


  • Spearheading Outreach Efforts For Bereaved Church Members And Their Families

  • Visits Or Food Preparation

  • Preparing Candidates For Baptism

  • Preparing The Holy Emblems For Communion Service

  • making ourselves available to all church members for prayer,                             counsel or a listening ear. 


It is a holy, special work and we are happy to serve you.  Feel free

to stop any of us at any time if you are in need of prayer.  That is

what we are here for.


The Deaconesses Ministry of RPC is lead by LaToya Forrester. If you would like to be a part of the Deconness Ministry, please email Petra at




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