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God loves ALL of us equally & invites us into his presence...


RPC's Disabilities Ministry is a service of our church that strives to reach members with disabilities in our congregation as well as the Bowie & other surrounding communities by incorporating these individuals in all areas of church service including fellowship, outreach & community service. 
Our goal is to assist in creating a worshipping environment where everyone feels accepted & welcomed. In turn God can effectively use each of our talents to glorify his name. 
We hope by spreading awareness through educating the congregation will bring sensitivity & healing to all who come to visit us.

Church leaders are expected to encourage equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities in their communities and congregations by eliminating physical and attitudinal barriers.
Our highest priority is to fulfill  Christ’s mission of reaching, nurturing, and enabling all people.


Duties of the Disabilities Ministry:
1. Monitor physical access to the church facilities and functions, and make recommendations that will help to make the church fully accessible to people with disabilities. 
2. Provide education for the church members concerning mental, emotional, and physical disabilities and the people they effect. 
3. Assist in the process of assimilating people with disabilities into the active life of the church. 
4. Conduct surveys & workshops to identify the needs of disabled people in the church and community. 
5. Develop, coordinate, and maintain vital programs to meet the spiritual needs of disabled members.  
6. Serve as a liaison with local organizations that provide services to people with disabilities. 


☆ Note: Deaf Interpreters serve on 3rd & 4th Sabbath given advance notice of accomodations.


Contact Info: 
Ph#: 646-232-6884


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Brenda Dunlap – Coordinator / Leader

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