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Ask the Informer provides a safe space where relevant issues that have been submitted via the anonymous online portal can be explored through facilitated discussion.  This specific iteration of Ask the Informer is focused on identifying any challenges, gaps, or areas for improvement that may currently exist between the parent and teenage child. 


Let’s Talk It Out is a forum that provides an opportunity for open “rap session style” discussion on pre-selected, relevant topics.  In this iteration of Let’s Talk it Out, parents and teens will consider questions and scenarios discussed during the Ask the Informer session the evening prior.  The session will be facilitated by a Conflict Resolution Specialist who will also provide tips and tools on helpful ways to move forward toward healthy, thriving and loving parent/child relationships.

If you are a parent OR teenager, please feel free to submit any challenges, issues, or problem-areas for the facilitated discussion.

The Parents Just Don't Understand Lunch being held on Sabbath, March 30, 2019 is for the families of those attending the Sabbath afternoon Parents Just Don't Understand session.  RSVP is required for the lunch.  Please be sure to RSVP for every person in your party. 


If you have any questions, please contact us at


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